Hi I’m Asante. I’ve always loved cooking and I’ve been cooking since I was 3. I am 12 years old. This week I started a new project that I will do for one month where every week I get 40 dollars to spend on food. In this project I have to cook all of my meals and buy all of my food.  Every week I will post 1 recipe and a post about my week.


Editor/mom’s note:
This page is a space for my son to share thoughts, projects, recipes, and inspiration surrounding one of his passions, cooking. He has made some fantastic creations, and I hope that as he creates more he will be inspired to share a bit about what he learns through the process. I will try to encourage his writing, even if it is just a few thoughts:) My son’s name is Asante, which means thank you in Swahili, and is fitting for the title of this page, as food is something to give thanks for on a daily basis. Some of his creations are pictured below. I hope they inspire and encourage others to learn to cook and have fun with food.