There are a few items that are necessities to have on hand not only for fixing things around the house, but because they are great learning tools, and can be used by the imagination to create all sorts of things. A few of the items we have come up with are duct tape, wire, shaving cream, hot glue guns, baking soda, vinegar, rubber bands, and last but not least, cardboard.

I started saving all my boxes, for one, because they come in handy for shipping and various other things, but also because I didn’t want to fill my recycling bin up too much…it already gets quite full, being that it only gets picked up every other week. So the pile was getting quite high, when I was happy to hear my daughter ask if she could use some.

So off she went, glue-gun, cardboard, and fabric scraps in hand, to build some doll furniture. She started off building a few tables, chairs, beds, and a swing:


She then moved on to using whole boxes as rooms or houses, such as this dressing room/shower/salon room:



Being a 9-year-old girl, my daughter is also very interested in the Monster High dolls. She has a lot of them, and they didn’t have anywhere to sleep, so she decided to make them all beds:




She printed out an egyptian dog and dog guards for Cleo de Nile.



Clawdeen Wolf got a nice animal print spread.



A nice icy/snowy bed and make-up table for Abbey Bominable.



A garden bed for Venus McFlytrap.



Can’t really see in this pic, but  Frankie Stein’s “electric” bed raises up and down.


aguna’s under-the-sea bed includes shell and bubble accents, complete with a bedside drink holder.



ince Draculaura’s favorite color is pink, and she adores hearts, this canopy bed fits her perfectly.

Can’t wait to see what she comes up with next! 🙂