I won this beautiful Maruca purse last week! It was a random drawing, and all I had to do to enter was answer a quick survey about fabric design. You could say I was just lucky, or that maybe not many people entered the drawing, so my odds were higher, and those things are probably true, but I am beginning to realize that there is a little more to winning, and it is something most of us have heard before. It’s all in the attitude. It is a simple statement that is easy to just laugh off as true, but when thought about a bit more, it can unlock some keys to winning, and attracting abundance in general. I have really started to notice this lately in my own life, so thought I would just share some of my thoughts on how this works.

When I was in my 20’s, I worked at a very large call center that sold and managed cable television service and accounts. We were constantly having drawings for little prizes that were promotional items for the networks and premium stations. Though I didn’t really care about the prizes or the drawings, I would win them a lot, and so many co-workers and friends would tell me I must be lucky, and I would chuckle and say “yeah, I guess so.”  I left it at that, but somewhere inside I had begun to think of myself as lucky.

Several years ago, I began listening and reading about such things as the Law of Attraction, manifestation, creating your desires through sending out a mental mock-up, etc. Almost all of these theories and ideas are similar in that they tell you to be in a place of knowing you will get what you want or need, of feeling that it is already had, or definitely will be, asking for it, and then letting it go out to Universe, or God, or whatever name you wish to call where you are sending your intent. Seems relatively easy in theory, but not so easy truly FEELING like you will get what you desire, or already have it, without some sort of worry, doubt, fear, or longing coming in. It took me a while to understand how this works, but I am beginning to see the light of it all.

There is one specific incident that occurred when I truly got that you do and can manifest what you ask for, and it is all in the attitude, and it has to do with a simple thing, lightbulbs. I have told this story to my family and friends as this “epiphany” I had, and they sort of laugh at its simplicity, but for me it had a lot of significance. It all started one day when the light in the bathroom went out. I did not have another bulb to replace it, and was feeling bummed because the light in the hall and the closet had also gone out a few days before, and I did not have enough money to buy a bunch of  light bulbs at that time. I began going down a negative thinking path, worrying about money and how I would get the light bulbs, and then I just stopped myself. I realized that light bulbs were a silly thing to be worrying about. I started thinking  about creative ways I could get the light bulbs I needed. I thought about the Re-Store, and how they may have some for cheap. I even pictured myself finding them there. I began to come to a place in myself of knowing that I would get the lightbulbs I needed. I felt good about it. Then I simply forgot about it. A few days later, I came home to find a package on my doorstep. I opened it up, and found it was filled with light bulbs. It also contained some energy-efficient faucet fixtures. Apparently, it was from Xcel Energy, and I had gotten it because I had signed up a while back when I was at a fair for a free energy efficiency program. At that moment, I just smiled at the universe. I had asked, and I had received. It really does work.


It was easy to manifest light bulbs, because it is easy to feel like they will come. I began to realize that this is how I have won prizes in drawings. I felt good about them (though I didn’t care that  much about winning, I still thought it would be fun), I knew there was a possibility I could win, and once I was entered there was nothing more to do, so I let it go, with no worries or further thought. Since the little prizes I won through work, I have also won many other things such as gift certificates, electronic accessories, books, and cds. I have gotten to go to many concerts and events, including a C.U. basketball game, Buddy Guy, The Fray, B.B. King, and I got to be a special guest at a Triple A music conference where I got to listen to and rate new music, while being wined and dined. Last summer I even won tickets to the Pagosa Folk ‘n Bluegrass Festival. In all cases, these principles were applied:
1.  A desire was formed (winning a contest)
2. A feeling/knowing that it was possible was sent out
3. It was let go so that it could happen (no more thinking about it really, other than maybe a small thought of encouragement here or there.)

It seems pretty simple, and it is. There is one more piece to it though, and it is important. Every time I have won something I was feeling good. Not only about the possibility of winning, but about life in general. I noticed that I was feeling gratitude for other things that were happening, and I was just overall in a good place. When I had signed up for the energy efficiency program that sent me the box of lightbulbs, I was at a musical concert/fair and I was feeling good, having fun. Once the desire for something has been sent out, it must be allowed to be received, and feeling good, relaxed, as if everything is ok is the best place to be in to allow your desires to flow in. If there is resistance, worry, or doubt around anything, it will put up a block to the openness of allowing. I tell those that say “I never win anything” that they probably never will, as you must feel open to winning before it will happen. Abraham-Hicks, who talk about the Law of Attraction also describe creating in these simple steps: 1. Ask 2. The answer is given 3. Allow yourself to receive it.

I have not won any large monetary prizes or the lottery yet because I think that it is harder to feel the ease of having around money  It creates a lot of different energy, thoughts and feelings than other little drawings and contests, and is a bit harder to really believe one will win, or to really feel good and relaxed around. I did win a $50 scratch ticket once though, and the same principles as above were applied. So it is certainly possible, and something I am working on allowing in…just you wait:)

These principles can be applied not just towards winning things, but also in everyday and the whole creation process which is life. Try it for yourself; explore, play around with it, but mostly have fun with it. Have a winner’s attitude. Go out there and feel excitement, joy, appreciation, and gratitude for whatever or wherever you may be and I can almost guarantee that you will start bringing in more abundance 🙂