Ever since we created the mermaid habitat, my daughter has wanted to have an actual mermaid tail to wear. We looked online, and discovered that it wouldn’t be that hard to make one, so for Christmas, I got her a monofin and some stretch lycra fabric. She worked really hard on her tail, and it came out beautifully! She makes a perfect mermaid:)


First, we layed the fabric out and traced around her body while she was wearing the fin. A paper pattern can also be traced and cut out, which may make it a bit easier, but we found that chalk directly on the fabric worked ok.

137_1193 137_1195

She then cut out the tail and pinned it around the edge.

137_1196 137_1198

Next, it was time to sew! She did a great job with the machine, staying even. She then put in some elastic, and I helped her finish the seams.


She then inserted the fin, and it was done! Beautiful mermaid transformation!

137_1259 137_1253137_1234

Check out the video of the mermaid swimming:

Magical Mermaid Amani