About the project:
We are doing a learning experiment for one month where I (Asante) will buy and prepare my own food. My weekly budget is $40. I may only use some of the rest of the family’s food if I ask first or trade.

Asante’s thoughts:
This week I think I bought too many carbs and not enough veggie’s and meats.  I bought milk, cereal, chocolate chips, cookies, oranges, 2 bags of chips, a box of crackers, and a few other things. I got sick so I was at home most of my days. My mom think its because I ate too much carbs and not enough veggies and protein. I didn’t feel like cooking most of the time so I either ate nothing or ate food that didn’t have to be cooked like chips, bagels, etc. My mom cooked some of my meals in return she used my stuff and could eat some. When I was at school my sisters ate all my cookies so I got money for next week to buy cookies. Also my cream cheese I just bought was moldy when I opened it. Next week I will try to buy more balance, plan my meals and cook more.

Mom’s thoughts:
This has been a bit of a rough week, with Asante not feeling very well, and just a lot going on. I am wondering if it would be better to this project in the summer when he is not in school and basketball, etc….but then again, there is always something going on:) I do think that he needs to balance out his nutrition and eat some better foods, as he is right smack in the middle of puberty and really needs good vitamins, minerals, and protein for his growth. I am concerned that he has been sick a lot lately. One reason why I didn’t really mind cooking several times for him this week. I am,  however, committed to finishing the project, as is he, as I know it is only one month, and it has been interesting, even if it hasn’t quite gone as I thought it would. I did talk to him about how he was feeling and if he thought he might need some  better foods, and he felt like he would try to balance things more next week. I will try to encourage him to plan a bit more, look for some recipes, etc…something I also need to do. It really helps when you have meals already in mind for the week, as it takes stress off during the busy evenings when everyone is tired, and requires less thinking during the week so other things can be focused on.

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