This morning, I was going deep into my emotional self, exploring some inner feelings and truths, so I thought, why not keep going, and decided to head to Lyons with my family to walk around for the first time since the floods, and feel whatever came to us. Some pictures of our favorite parks from before and after are below. I dedicate this poem I wrote to not only Lyons, and the people of Lyons, but to myself, and to all of us, for we are always changing.

She is in change.
What she was, or will be, just out of range.
Caught in a place shadowed by memories of the past.
Filled with amazement at the present that does not last.
Pulled into dreams by the lullabies of what could come.
Underneath it all, you can hear a quiet hum.
It is the song of life she sings under her breath.
A reminder that there really is no death.
Just a shifting of energies, a necessary to change,
And change is what’s constant, and though it seems strange,
It is what keeps us expanding, bringing new dreams into range.
Embracing it all with love is the key.
What brings it together to set her heart free.

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